Discover the Extraordinary Experiences in Arte Gioia Boutiques

Meeting of Luxury and Quality

Arte Gioia’s doors open to a fine curation of the most prestigious timepieces, jewelry and luxury accessories.

With decades of experience and an undying passion for the mastery of watchmaking, Arte Gioia was founded with an aspiration to offer selected pieces to those who has a will to reign over time. Since its inception, the brand has proudly achieved tremendous achievement in Turkey, transformed into an apple of the eye for the extraordinary collectors, and enabled a creative vision for the general prospect of the industry.

Arte Gioia revolutionize the art of store experience behind the doors of its three exceptional boutiques in which fine art meets exquisite design. Located in the heart of two continents, especially those in the realm of the Aegean Coast, Arte Gioia boutiques invite you to a top-notch watchmaking, jewelry and luxury accesories experience in Istanbul and Bodrum. Positioned in İstinye Park and Yalıkavak Marina, Arte Gioia boutiques offer savoir-faire, elegance and warm hospitality.

Arte Gioia houses handpicked outstanding selections from distinguished brands such as Cartier, IWC, Panerai, Mont Blanc, Greubel Forsey, A.Lange & Söhne, Jardin Jewellery, and Gilan.


It all begins with a spark of an idea. Then follows great endeavor. One is not shining without the other.

Arte Gioia’s philosophy of work, as befits the name, is established to savor the art in life. The gratification for the world of one-of-a-kind timepieces and luxury jewelry goes beyond limits. This creative aura attracts those who see beauty in everything and also in the smallest details, see “art” in the fluency of life. Chasers of fine art, watchmaking and gemstones are offered a new vantage point once they step into the world of Arte Gioia, the meeting point of art, excellence and quality.

True Luxury

There is excellence in everything, and the search for perfection goes beyond what meets the eye. A handcrafted timepiece becomes the emperor of time. Blending art with exquisite quality requires a great skill. These special timepieces, jewelry and stones are patiently handcrafted by experts in order to achieve perfection within the exterior design and internal mechanism. Days, months, and sometimes years of hard work is presented to those who value “the time” and beyond.

Arte Gioia presents the fusion of exceptional style, design and hard work to those who appreciate it.